Monday, April 28, 2014

New World with Christopher Columbus

Topic:  What if traveling through time was really possible?  every adventurer dreams of the possibility of a machine that could transport living beings back to a certain period of history.  If you had the opportunity to travel back in time, where and when would you go?  Why would you make this choice, and what would you be most interested in seeing?  

A New World with Christopher Columbus

Do you think time travel is possible and able to be done? Well if we could time travel, I would want to go back to Christopher Columbus’s time and be one of his explorers that go on the journey to America with him. First of all I would like to go there because I like the feeling of adventure and trying new things because it exhilarates me. Also I would go there because I would be dying to see what it would be like to see what a “New World” would look like before it was touched by humans. In addition, I would like to be somewhere new and start fresh, and see what the turnouts would be. I would like to time travel to Colbumus’s time because it would be a fresh start, I want to try new things, and see the shocking senery that would be waiting for me in the “New World”
First of all, I like being adventurous and trying new things and see what would be there lying for me. I think Columbus’s journey was really adventurous because of the fact that if you weren’t into being brave and adventurous then you would’ve never went on a journey to a brand new world. Also trying new things was a no brainer to the new settlers.  They’re doing something nobody has done before and I would’ve been proud of that. Sailing to america would’ve been so new to everyone.
Second, I would want to go there because you never get to see how stunning America must’ve been in the past when it was barely touched or polluted. It would’ve been beautiful and would have had miles and miles of trees. Also seeing the Native Americans watching us as we dock in front of a beach would be stunning and they would probably look very suprised. I would see it as being a beach with sand and palm trees shading the area we land, with tall and mighty Indians standing there with a mixture between concerned and confused faces.
Last but not least, a fresh start would be cool, starting from scratch and using the shortage of tools to build new ones would have been like a game. Using tools as efficiently as possible to take much advantage of them as possible would’ve been fun. Also being somewhere new would totally change the way I think and act. Not knowing what’s behind each bush, tree, shrub, or even logs would make me more careful and more aware of my surroundings.

Now you see why I would want to go to Columbus’s time and want to be an explorer. The fact that I’ll be doing something new, being more adventurous and more daring.  Also the fact that everything is new and starting from a fresh clean sheet of paper would be interesting and intriguing. Now would you not want to go to the time of the New world? I would definetly want to, how about you?

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