Monday, April 28, 2014


When I say geometry or area you’re probably already getting out of your seats but it is actually very interesting and surprisingly fun.  Geometry and area are more engaging than you think and I’ll tell you why. My math teacher is named Mrs. Gardner and she is very efficient and fast with all of her math work. Also area feels like a divide, conquer, and regroup kind of thing, and I like it that way. Last of all, F.P.A is a way my math teacher told us to find the area of triangle, parallelogram, rectangles, and trapezoids. Now allow me to explain why geometry and area are so highly thought of in my math world.
The math teacher that I have for 6th grade is named Mrs. Gardner. The reason she is really quick and very efficient with her work is that, she likes to find her own way of finding the area. For example the communative multipication she calls it the ‘double dating’ method so that we can remember it better.  Also she is different because she likes to ‘overprepare’ us so we never miss a single question on the quiz or test.
Area is a simple way of saying what is the size of the surface inside a shape. And for composite figures that have more than one shape you split them up, do each shape, and come back with the final answer, which is fun for me because I like seperating and coming back. Next, area causes you to use different combinations of math subjects like adding, multiplying, and dividing which practice and review your skills to add, multiply, and divide.
Last but not least, F.P.A is a way of finding area for different kind of shapes. The F means formula. There are different kinds of formule like base times height, divided by 2. The P stand for plug-in, plug in means you write down the equation with all the numbers and signs. Finally the A stands for answer, you use the plug in to figure out the answer.  Again F.P.A is another fun way of finding area because when you do F.P.A you need to put more effort into the probelm and think more about what the probelm is.
Geometry and area are really exhilarating and all those reasons to me makes me think it’s more than just a boring topic and makes me think more about the subject and how it is really fun. My math teacher makes it fun, area feels like a game of divide and conquer, and also that F.P.A is a really fun way to do it. If you stayed in your seat long enough to read this then you can understand that area is a more than just a math subject, it relates to really life and is really fun.

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