Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Introduction for an Essay

Today we learned about introductions for stories and mainly focused on the grabber, topic sentence, and the three main thoughts that make up an introduction. A grabber is what grabs the reader into the story like personal opinion, a shocking statement or a humorous statement, and etc. A topic sentence is not that descriptive but is the most important statement. The three main thoughts support the topic sentence and later on in the essay these thoughts are written in more detail.

Camping at Lake of Ozarks

In my opinion, every 6th grade in America should have camp in March.  In mid March the red team of 6th grade went on a school camp.  We went to the Lake of Ozarks YMCA camp on a bus.  I felt excited and overjoyed to be going to camp.  After we arrived, my friends Murad, Dennis, Robert, and I hopped off the bus and walked to the rows of luggages that laid there waiting. We parted ways and I skipped to my luggage and picked it off the brown rust that was on the ground. After everyone had picked up their luggage, we marched into what they call the common area. After we were all settled they announced the cabins.  I was with Luke, Murad, Dennis, Garrett, Daniel, Trevor our cabin leader, and a few others.
I gazed at the cabin we were going to live in for four days.  The beds were clearly never used.  There were fluffy new sheets with clean and untouched bathroom.  I felt lucky to have a fresh new cabin. My friends and I chose our beds by screeching at each other.  I had a bottom bunk farthest away from the window. After we had our time to unpack our sleeping bags, we got ready for our first lunch.
After staring at the night skies for an infinity, I trudged out of the star gazing section and went over to my cabin leader as we lined up to go back to our cabin. We started marching on the newly made sidewalk to the new cabin we were assigned to nine hours ago. I walked into the cabin and I fell deathly onto my bed and I heard quiet shouts calling me to take a shower. I ignored the buzz of sounds swirling around me and I shut my eyes and I swiftly drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Strong Verbs

Today I learned with Sarah strong verbs and did practices about strong verbs versus weak verbs. We also reviewed show not tell a little. I learned why you need to use strong verbs instead of weak verbs because it can point to a topic, instead of I bounced the ball, I dribbled the ball. Also it can write more details to what the character is doing and it can paint an emotional picture.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Show not Tell

This is a show not tell that I did with Sarah.  Show not tell is not tell the reader what going on but putting a clearer image by showing the reader whats going on.

Tell:  The kids were disrespectful to the teacher.
Show:  The kids started screaming above the teacher’s voice, and started sticking out their tongues and started making the teacher mad that she could have popped a vessel. The kids also started throwing paper airplanes and did not listen to the teacher.  

Tell:  The iguana got away.
Show:  The turquoise colored iguana was spinning and turning and started making the boy tired. Then the iguana slithered out of the boys grip and scurried away. It looked back and saw the boy chasing it once more and darted into a tiny crack in a rock.

Tell:  We had fun throwing dead leaves into the fire.
Show:  We threw the dead and dried leaves into the fire and heard the crackling of the leaves burning and disappearing. We could see the black smoke dancing up into the night sky.  All of us stared at the burning leaves.  We threw more in and we started laughing and giggling.

Traveling to My Homeland

This is the first writing sample I wrote for Sarah.

Writing Sample:
Topic Choice:
Write about the most fun trip you have ever had.

My most fun trip I had was when i went to Korea when I was in 5th grade. it was a fun trip and i got to see my siblings and relatives a lot. All my siblings lived in Korea so i was really happy and it was a good time. One of the things i liked that i did with my cousins were. So we went to a water park and we stay in a hotel for maybe, like 3 days and we had a ton of fun. Another thing i liked about Korea was we were stuck there because something about a job visa and i had to go to school for about 3 months. I met a ton of friends and almost everyday after school i hang out after school and we either just talked, play dodge ball, and play soccer. Well when we came back i was happy and sad for many different reasons. I was happy that i was back home, also because my friends were apparently worried about me so when i came back they were all happy. I was also sad because i will miss my friends that i made in Korea, and i couldn’t see my siblings in a long time again.