Friday, April 4, 2014

Too Much Homework?

Have you ever had too much homework? Well kids in other countries have no time for sports or socializing because of their homework.  I’ll show why you have more homework and why it’s needed. The reason you get so much homework is it is believed that homework makes excellent study habits and helps with the learning of the topic overall.  Also kids in other countries, they consider homework and school work really important, so they work even more and also they even have private lessons for many different subjects.
 Well first of all homework back then didn't exist. In the early 1950’s it was thought to be useless and unneeded. Then when the 1980’s rolled around homework method was used more in some states. Then in the early 1990’s other countries’ economy started soaring faster than the U.S and we couldn't catch up. So America’s government decided, “Hey let’s increase the expectation of students in schools.” After that was in place around 2010, the schools got worried about the kids studying habits and their academic performance. The schools deliberated and they decided, “Homework can improve and encourage study habits and it will help the kids with their work.”
So now you might be thinking, “Hey that’s why we get homework.” But now when you hear about countries like India you will be amazed and shocked. In India kids at school are more pressured, have to meet higher expectations, and HAVE MORE WORK. And they don’t even know that America’s whining about how much homework we have.

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