Friday, April 4, 2014

The Sound of a Snap

Is it just me or is snapping really annoying? Snapping really bothers me.  It bothers me because a snap is not a musical sound but it is just a noise.  It also bothers be because I can’t snap.  When people start snapping, it gets too repetitive. The sound of repeated clicking is too irritating to my ears.  There isn't a lot that is more annoying to me than snapping.   
“Click,” is the sound of a snap.  A lot of people would think it’s not annoying but to me it’s annoying.  The way a snap echoes is so distracting and makes my mind wander and lose focus.  Every time I hear a snap in a place with a lot of people I can tell that it is a snap even if I’m not trying to hear it.  The way it’s in every music video makes me so angry.  
Second on the list of reasons why snapping is annoying is because  I can’t do it.  You must be thinking “Ha, Kevin can’t snap.”  No, I can’t.  I've been made fun of enough times to understand my snaps sound like muffled “shh.”  If you can’t do something while other people can, it makes you feel unequal to them.  
Last but not least snapping is so repetitive. When somebody snaps, they’re going to do it again and again so there is  no wonder that the sound is going to be extremely bothersome.  One click is already annoying enough but when the sound gets repeated there are more than one click so it gets even more annoying.

Snapping is really annoying because it’s too repetitive, the sound is too annoying and irritating, and also since I can’t do it makes snapping a down factor for me. Well if you can snap, good job you can snap, don’t do it near me.

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