Friday, March 14, 2014

Show not Tell

This is a show not tell that I did with Sarah.  Show not tell is not tell the reader what going on but putting a clearer image by showing the reader whats going on.

Tell:  The kids were disrespectful to the teacher.
Show:  The kids started screaming above the teacher’s voice, and started sticking out their tongues and started making the teacher mad that she could have popped a vessel. The kids also started throwing paper airplanes and did not listen to the teacher.  

Tell:  The iguana got away.
Show:  The turquoise colored iguana was spinning and turning and started making the boy tired. Then the iguana slithered out of the boys grip and scurried away. It looked back and saw the boy chasing it once more and darted into a tiny crack in a rock.

Tell:  We had fun throwing dead leaves into the fire.
Show:  We threw the dead and dried leaves into the fire and heard the crackling of the leaves burning and disappearing. We could see the black smoke dancing up into the night sky.  All of us stared at the burning leaves.  We threw more in and we started laughing and giggling.

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