Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Camping at Lake of Ozarks

In my opinion, every 6th grade in America should have camp in March.  In mid March the red team of 6th grade went on a school camp.  We went to the Lake of Ozarks YMCA camp on a bus.  I felt excited and overjoyed to be going to camp.  After we arrived, my friends Murad, Dennis, Robert, and I hopped off the bus and walked to the rows of luggages that laid there waiting. We parted ways and I skipped to my luggage and picked it off the brown rust that was on the ground. After everyone had picked up their luggage, we marched into what they call the common area. After we were all settled they announced the cabins.  I was with Luke, Murad, Dennis, Garrett, Daniel, Trevor our cabin leader, and a few others.
I gazed at the cabin we were going to live in for four days.  The beds were clearly never used.  There were fluffy new sheets with clean and untouched bathroom.  I felt lucky to have a fresh new cabin. My friends and I chose our beds by screeching at each other.  I had a bottom bunk farthest away from the window. After we had our time to unpack our sleeping bags, we got ready for our first lunch.
After staring at the night skies for an infinity, I trudged out of the star gazing section and went over to my cabin leader as we lined up to go back to our cabin. We started marching on the newly made sidewalk to the new cabin we were assigned to nine hours ago. I walked into the cabin and I fell deathly onto my bed and I heard quiet shouts calling me to take a shower. I ignored the buzz of sounds swirling around me and I shut my eyes and I swiftly drifted off to sleep.

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